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Enhancing online presence and brand identity.


Adam Feldman Law, a prominent plaintiff lawyer, approached our agency seeking assistance with their online presence and brand identity. They recognized the importance of social media, effective ad strategies, and a cohesive brand image in establishing themselves as a trusted and reputable legal service provider. Our agency took on the challenge, providing comprehensive social media management, brand identity consulting, and ad strategizing services to help Adam Feldman Law achieve their goals.



The primary objective was to leverage social media platforms, refine brand identity, and develop targeted advertising strategies to enhance Adam Feldman Law's online presence, increase brand awareness, and attract potential clients in need of plaintiff legal services.



  1. Social Media Management: We conducted a thorough analysis of Adam Feldman Law's target audience and competitors to develop a tailored social media strategy. We created engaging and informative content, highlighting the expertise, achievements, and success stories of Adam Feldman Law. By maintaining a consistent posting schedule, utilizing relevant hashtags, and interacting with followers, we aimed to establish a strong online community and foster engagement with the target audience.

  2. Brand Identity Consulting: We conducted an in-depth brand audit to assess the current brand identity of Adam Feldman Law. Based on the findings, we provided recommendations to refine and strengthen their brand image. This involved developing a clear and compelling brand story, updating the visual elements (logo, colors, typography), and ensuring consistency across all brand touchpoints.

  3. Ad Strategizing: We analyzed the target audience, competitors, and market trends to develop effective advertising strategies. This included selecting the most suitable advertising platforms (e.g., Google Ads, social media ads), crafting compelling ad copy, and implementing advanced targeting techniques to reach individuals in need of plaintiff legal services. Continuous monitoring and optimization of ad campaigns were performed to maximize results.


Adam Feldman Law has seen greater than anticipated organic growth on all social platforms. Ads conducted have been a major success, generating a higher than average CPD, and leading towards several highly promising leads.

we wanted to create content optimized in its highest form for Instagram Reels, making the feed and ads stand out as the most professional against the competition.

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